3Dimensional Physical Therapists are recognized nationally as experts in orthotic therapy. The travel the country teaching foot and ankle biomechanics and orthotics prescription courses to other medical providers. With constant research and collaboration with the best in the business, 3D PTs keep up on the newest innovations in orthotic prescription so you get the best product available.

Orthotics are a powerful tool that can help decrease the strain on joints, tendons and ligaments by changing the way your feet interact with the ground. But the benefits don’t just stop at the feet. Foot-to-ground interaction changes have effects all the way through the lower extremity and spine. We utilize orthotics to treat conditions affecting the foot and ankle, lower leg, knee, hip, pelvis and low back. 

Orthotic prescription is both an art and a science and, when done correctly, can be life-changing. Orthotics are so much more than just an arch support and they’re not all built the same. Our orthotics are not chosen from a category, but are custom fabricated to fit you and you alone.

At 3D, custom orthotics start with a full biomechanics and gait assessment. Using extensive measurements and custom casting procedures, our expert clinicians prescribe specific, unique modifications to your devices to ensure you get the greatest benefit. Each orthotic is custom fit and prescribed to meet your individual needs. They are built to target specific biomechanical support and alignment corrections. 

With 3D, you get orthotics made by the team that teaches the rest.


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