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Let’s face it! Accidents and injuries are a part of life. If you are involved in an accident where bones are broken you are bleeding excessively you lost consciousness you suspect something is happening that can’t wait
by all means, seek medical attention immediately.
The majority of people have a medical doctor that they see for regular check-ups or cold and flu-like symptoms. Those doctors have to know something about a lot of different ailments. Those doctors often become gate-keepers that point you in the right direction for appropriate medical care. We have several patients with insurance that allows them to by-pass their doctor and come to see us first for joint and muscle pain.
We can often help if you find that
Your symptoms have started for no real reason but are persistent you know why your symptoms have started but a short period of rest hasn’t helped
A medical doctor’s first line of treatment is often medication. This doesn’t always fix the problem. At 3Dimensional Physical Therapy, we are physical therapists who specialize in treating the active population and always focus on getting to the cause of the problem.
Getting to the cause of the problem will help you fix your problem in the best way. For example, your knee may be sore. However, this problem might be a result of hip muscle weakness or lack of stability in your foot. Or, you may have neck pain and headaches but the position of your low back in sitting may be the culprit. These are just a few of the examples we could list.
We look at the whole picture and get to spend up to an hour to help determine what other factors may help you recover. We often address sleeping positions, sitting positions and how to move from one position to another with the least amount of stress. These are the basics and then we can get creative based on your goals.
We have a licensed athletic trainer, board certified sports and orthopedic physical therapists, and certified strength and conditioning specialists on staff with a wide experience of indoor and outdoor activities. If we determine we are not the appropriate medical provider, we will refer you back to your physician or orthopedic surgeon for additional testing.
Give us a shot…it can’t hurt!