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We can all agree that there are great and not so great individuals in all professions. There are generalists and specialists, pessimists and optimists, those wanting to continue to challenge themselves and those who are content, and so on. There are better doctors, attorneys, and managers than others in their field. Physical Therapists are the same!
Not all PTs are equal
Although we all have to pass the same national exam, we are not created equal – or at least we choose not to pursue the career with the same passion. The physical therapists (PT’s) at 3Dimensional Physical Therapy are driven to continually learn and improve. We teach continuing education to other PTs around the country to enhance their ability to apply contextual learning to functional application.
We see patients of all ability levels
Patients (or clients) are the same way. Some want to take an active role to get better while others like a more passive approach. We get pigeon-holed by some doctors who believe we only see athletes, treat sports injuries, and will push you to your limits. This is only true if you want it that way.

We see patients of all ability levels but still teach correct fundamental movements.

Some people may call it a squat while others may see it as getting out of a chair.

Do your research. It is worth it?
There are several types of physical therapists around the area that treat all types of injuries. It is in your best interest to do some research, even if it is only through the company’s website, on where you want might want to attend PT.
Ask yourself does this PT office have additional credentials or certifications, that fits my needs, beyond PT? Does this PT office they have similar hobbies or interests as I do?
We have several prospective patients come to take a tour of our clinic and ask a couple of questions to see if we are a good fit for them. We get several patients who have been to other PT places who were not impressed with the care they received.
You have a choice of where you go to PT
You have a choice about where you go to PT. Most insurance companies will accept a prescription for PT even if it doesn’t list the treating PT office by name. One of the most frustrating comments we hear a doctor say is “pick somewhere close to your home.” We would never say pick a doctor close to your house because we know there are better doctors who specialize in certain areas. We feel as though we are worth the drive. Our vision is to create an environment where people will want to go to PT. All of our staff thoroughly enjoys what they do and likes to have fun in the process.
Give us a try
We are not the best in all types of therapy… but we are experts in treating the active population. We have put countless hours in doing research on what is available and what is actually proven to work for patients in the orthopedic, sports, athletic training and strength and conditioning world. We watch, critique, and provide successful feedback on every exercise to ensure you are practicing proper technique. Each PT session will be a little different than the previous session as long as the pain is not the limiting factor.
If you are an optimistic, active person who accepts challenges and want to return to an activity, even if it is work, please do your homework and give 3Dimensional Physical Therapy a try to see if we are the right fit for you. Click the Contact tab at the bottom of this screen to get in touch with us!