Performing an in-depth walking or running analysis can be the best way to investigate dysfunction that creates overuse pain. Gait analyses help identify the root causes of many lower extremity issues, particularly for runners. So much happens over the course of one step that simply observing in real-time isn’t always enough. Video allows us to evaluate motion at slower speeds so nothing gets missed. This deep investigation into your unique patterns can optimize efficiency, power production, and shock absorption to keep you on the road with better results. 

Starting with a full body view, we look for mechanics that create inefficiencies, including cadence, vertical displacement, and rotational stability. We then turn to the hips and low back to evaluate core control and hip stability. We identify positional characteristics at each phase of gait. Inefficient movement here can have major implications for power production, lower extremity chain control, and overuse injury. Finally, we narrow down to the foot and ankle to investigate the specific movements that affect shock absorption and push-off stability. We assess patterns that help reduce impact and generate powerful acceleration for the next step.3D guides you step-by-step through the evaluation process, explaining your unique movement characteristics so that you understand the findings, corrections, and potential for improvement. We’ll lead you through corrective exercises, foundational postural alignment strategies, cadence training techniques, shoe prescription and more so you walk away with a full comprehension of how to improve. 

3D’s analysis is extensive and intended to provide you with both the understanding and tools necessary to correct faulty loading patterns, generating better efficiency, postural awareness, and mechanical control. Let 3D’s therapists maximize your form and performance. 

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