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There is no debate that physical activity is essential to improving one’s quality of life and longevity. The benefits associated with exercise and physical activity can have a dramatic impact on your health. Exercise has been shown to:
lower blood pressure increase insulin sensitivity improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels increase mental acuity improve bone health and more!
However, many people do not know “how much” exercise is needed for them to reap the benefits.
How much exercise do you need
The basic recommendations for physical activity are 30 minutes of moderate activity each day, 5 times a week. Examples of moderate activity include:
walking briskly cycling at a pace slower than 10 mph mowing your lawn jumping rope water aerobics
You can increase the work out intensity and shorten the duration if your schedule doesn’t allow for exercising 5 days a week. Working out for 25 minutes a day, 3-4 times per week, and at vigorous intensity can serve as an alternative schedule. Examples of physical activities that use vigorous intensity include:
cycling at a pace faster than 10 mph jogging at speeds greater than 6.0 mph playing basketball/swimming laps
Make positive changes today
Most people make the assumption that they need to work out for hours on end to achieve positive results. This is not the case. You can start taking positive steps towards a healthier life today. Simply just add a brisk walk or weight training to your everyday routine.
Getting started is often the hardest step. Give yourself a one-week challenge to get in the recommended dosage of exercise. This can be at either a moderate or vigorous intensity level. The proof is in the pudding, and I guarantee that after one week you will feel more energized, with greater focus and sustained energy throughout the day. Do the one week challenge and let us know how you feel at the end of it, we look forward to hearing from you!