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Meet Our Amazing Team

Our Tacoma physical therapy staff are experts in rehab for active people.

We specialize in leg, ankle, foot, shoulder and spine rehab, with an emphasis on exercise to optimize your long-term outcomes. We are motivated to create a fun, engaging environment and set ourselves apart by keeping on the forefront of research and techniques to get you back to your life and recreation as quickly as possible. 

Paul Drumheller

Paul Drumheller


Education: Master of Physical Therapy — University of Puget Sound, 1994 | Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology — University of California at Davis, 1991

Certifications: Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist | Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist | Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Memberships: American Physical Therapy Association | Sports Section – Running, Knee and Shoulder Special Interest Group | Orthopedic Section – Foot and Ankle Special Interest Group | Washington State Physical Therapy Association | National Strength and Conditioning Association

Treatment PhilosophyI believe that it is necessary to look at the whole body and whole person when evaluating and treating an individual. I listen to what they have been doing, and what they want to do. Daily habits, from sitting posture to sleeping positions, can have a significant influence on the outcome of treatment. I believe that practicing proper movements with daily activities is the key component to preventing injuries. In the clinic I can ensure proper movements are performed, however, the same principals also have to be applied outside for maximum benefits. Through many years of experience and learning various treatment techniques for active individuals, I feel confident in putting together an effective treatment for almost anyone. 

Personal Interests: During my free time, my wife and I enjoy watching our two teenagers participate in various sporting activities. I also enjoy teaching other physical therapists in continuing education courses. Doing so presents a great opportunity to travel around the country while keeping me up to date with new research on evaluation and treatment techniques. When I am not doing any of the previous I enjoy woodworking projects, golfing, cycling, and bowling.

Chad McCann

Chad McCann


Education: Doctorate of Physical Therapy – University of Puget Sound, 2008 | Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science – University of Puget Sound, 2005

Certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Treatment Philosophy:  I am a strong believer that our bodies are mechanical in nature and are prone to breakdown. Our daily habits, movements, and activities lead us into consistent patterns that produce asymmetry, weakness, and dysfunction. Finding the root cause of that dysfunction, which leads to pain and injury, is crucial for recovery. Being creative with movement strategies, being willing to explore options, and being focused on fixing the cause of dysfunction helps lead us back out of painful cycles. I’m confident that strength and mobility are key to living healthy, active lives and that there is no reason these factors cannot be improved. Blending hands-on care with purposeful, forward-thinking strength and mobility exercises optimizes recovery and helps us get back to the activities we love.

Special Interests in Physical Therapy:  I am fascinated by the mechanical nature of our bodies and have developed a special interest in foot and ankle, knee, and shoulder rehab. I enjoy teaching young athletes fundamental movement patterns to help prevent injury and promote long-term healthy and active lives, but I jump at the chance to work with people of any age to help them continue their active lifestyle. I especially love working with runners, cyclists, and throwers.

Personal Interests: I am actively learning to live with young kids and am a tinkerer by nature. I learn by doing and am excited to “just get going.” I enjoy working on home remodel projects and nearly always have a woodworking project underway. I love the outdoors and hike, cycle, and kayak when I’m able. My family travels often and we hope to teach our daughters that the world is a lot bigger place than just our little neighborhood.

Ben Hannula

Ben Hannula


Education: Doctorate of Physical Therapy – University of Puget Sound, 2017 | Bachelor of Arts in Business Management – University of San Diego, 2009 

Certifications: Otago Exercise Program for Falls Prevention

Treatment Philosophy:  My treatment philosophy is based on the principle that each individual is unique.  A treatment style that is right for one person may not be right for another.  As a former professional athlete I have experienced first hand the amazing capability of the body to not only heal, but to become stronger.  I work hard to form a partnership with my patients, so that we, as a team, find the best way to unlock the body’s healing potential.

Personal Interests:  I love coaching and motivating athletes and am able to do so as an assistant football coach at Bellarmine Preparatory High School.  I also enjoy cooking and am in the process of honing my culinary skills.  However, nothing beats spending time with my wife and two sons.

our Admin Staff

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