Joint Pain/Arthritis

You Don’t Have To Live With Arthritis Pain — 3Dimensional Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning Can Help!

Do you wake up with stiff joints that are difficult to move? Even if your symptoms improve throughout the day, you may still have arthritis. Arthritis is a prevalent condition that affects a large number of people; nevertheless, many people wait far too long to seek expert care for Arthritis Pain Relief.

Fortunately, physical therapy is one of the best treatment options for arthritic pain. Schedule an appointment with 3Dimensional Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning today if you suspect arthritis. We are here to help your joints move freely again!

Types Of Arthritis

Arthritis causes pain and inflammation, and it can affect one or multiple joints at a time. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two most commonly experienced types:


The most prevalent type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which is usually easy to diagnose. It develops when the cartilage in the joints wears out due to aging, injury, or overuse.

If you’ve had an injury in the past, you’ve probably received treatment, recovered, and resumed normal activities under the assumption that your body was back to normal.

Although the injury has healed, damage to the cartilage or surrounding muscles may have resulted in diminished joint support. As a result of the damage, osteoarthritis may develop later in life.

This is also true if your work requires repetitive motion or usage of specific body parts. You may develop osteoarthritis in the joints that experienced repetitive motions as part of your employment.

Also, being overweight may put you at a higher risk for developing osteoarthritis, as it adds additional strain on your joints.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Inflammatory arthritis, commonly known as rheumatoid arthritis, is an autoimmune illness in which the immune system misinterprets the joints as a threat and attacks them.

It causes joint pain, swelling, and stiffness, and if not addressed, it can result in irreversible joint damage and deformity. A person’s medical history, environment, and hormones may all play a part in the development of rheumatoid arthritis, according to researchers. It’s common for the same joints on opposing sides of the body to be afflicted because it’s an autoimmune illness.

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you may notice that your joints pop and crack. This is because the cartilage between your joints has worn down over time, leaving more service areas for the joints to rub together.

Women are more likely than men to suffer from this condition. Arthritic patients often complain of joint pain, which is exacerbated by prolonged sitting, standing, or inactivity. Rheumatoid arthritis can also cause pain when you exercise or work, and the pain may go away after you stop doing that activity.

Physical Therapy And Arthritis Pain Relief

Rather than concealing symptoms with drugs, the primary goals of physical therapy for arthritis are to manage pain and cure the underlying cause. Our arthritis therapies are customized to your specific requirements, allowing you to heal faster and achieve longer-term effects.

One of our qualified Tacoma, WA physical therapists will perform an evaluation at 3Dimensional Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning to determine which joints are tight and bothersome, as well as which exercises will assist you to relieve arthritis pain while you go about your regular activities.

Your range of motion, flexibility, and overall function can all be improved with these simple, targeted workouts. We also show you how to prevent future joint injuries and how to perform self-rehabilitation activities.

Say Goodbye To Bothersome, Achy Joints Today!

Arthritis can control your life but only if you let it. You have earned the right to live a pain-free life and 3Dimensional Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning wants to help you move freely again.

All of our patients receive the finest level of care, compassion, and understanding. You may rest assured that your symptoms and concerns will be taken into account while your tailored treatment plan is developed. Do not let your arthritis hold you back any longer; make an appointment today!

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