Bike Fitting

What Is Bike Fitting?

Bikes are perfectly symmetrical machines, but our bodies may not be. Adjusting a bike to fit your unique body can help reduce ride discomfort, improve force production, and maximize efficiency. Cyclists often expect body ache after riding for hours, but we shouldn’t accept all of it and there are ways to minimize pain-provoking positions so you enjoy your ride for longer.

3Dimensional’s bike fits blend both specific measurements, our observations, and your feedback to ensure the best relationship between you and your bike. Bike fits start with an assessment of the shoe and pedal interface to ensure optimal loading mechanics of the foot and calf musculature. Next, we assess knee alignment in relation to the pedal to optimize power production and reduce excessive knee joint compression during your pedal stroke. Then, our bike fit moves to a seat height assessment to ensure ideal stroke length, hip and back alignment, and positioning which can have a big impact on your leg and back mechanics for a longer ride. The final piece of your bike fit is to evaluate and correct positioning through the handlebars – addressing positioning of the stem, handlebar roll, hood position, and grip characteristics. This allows us to fine-tune your body’s alignment on the bike to address neck, shoulder, and hand issues.

3D’s therapists are cyclists, too! We’ve felt the fatigue and discomfort cyclists experience after hours on a bike. Best of all, we speak your language and love the feel of a perfectly fit bike. We geek out on the mechanical attributes of cycling.

Let Us Help You Fine Tune Your Bike.

As experts in biomechanics and posturing, our providers can fine-tune your bike to meet your body’s specific needs. We don’t rely solely on norms but work with you to get an ideal alignment. Targeting your body’s interfaces at the pedal, seat, and handlebars, we set each aspect of your alignment to get the most of your cycling experience. We’ll make recommendations for component changes if needed and address cycling technique considerations.

Bring any components you have and give us a spin. You might be surprised how much more comfortable you’ll feel as the miles roll on. Make an appointment with 3Dimensional Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning today!