Video Gait Analysis

At 3Dimensional Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning, we implement the Dartfish Video Analysis software into our diagnostic testing as a way to assess the your running mechanics. This analysis is used as a way to figure out how running efficiency can be increased, in order to improve overall performance and reduce your risk of injury. If you are a runner, and you are looking to improve your technique and form, or if you are recovering from an injury and would like to see how your body is compensating, contact our Tacoma, WA physical therapy office today to learn more about video running analysis!

Why we use video running analyses?

This form of diagnostic testing can evaluate several parts of your body at once, such as:

  • Cadence
  • Pelvic control
  • Foot strike
  • Base of support
  • Vertical displacement

When you participate in a video running analysis, you will be asked to run on a treadmill for a few minutes with differing speeds. At each speed, a recording will be taken of your side and your back. The movement analysis software of Dartfish will then slow down each recording to pinpoint which areas are at risk for sustaining an injury, as well as which ones could use efficiency improvement.

When the system detects a movement fault, one of our highly trained Tacoma, WA physical therapists will then conduct a physical evaluation to determine the underlying causes of said fault by examining the joint(s) and muscle capacity. A treatment plan will then be designed to correct the fault.

Schedule your analysis today:

Video running analyses can be extremely beneficial, especially for runners who are recovering from injuries. If you are interested in participating in a video running analysis to target your problem areas and improve your overall function, contact 3Dimensional Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning today! We’ll help you reach your optimum running performance.