Paul Drumheller

Paul Drumheller, MPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, CGFI

  • Education
    • Master of Physical Therapy – MPT, University of Puget Sound
    • Bachelor of Science – Exercise Physiology, University of California at Davis
  • Certifications
    • Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist – OCS
    • Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist – SCS
    • American Physical Therapy Association
    • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist – CSCS
    • National Strength & Conditioning Association
    • Certified Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor – CGFI
    • Titleist Performance Institute – TPI
    • Level II Juniors; Level III Medical

Treatment Philosophy:

As technology improves and more research is available, I have been able to simplify my treatment strategies based on what has been proven to be effective. Experience also plays a major role in how I approach things. I still look at how the body has to function despite any limitations. Many times the painful area is caused by another area of the body. I like to address daily habits such as posture and sleeping positions since they can be a source of chronic pain. If someone can push, pull, lift and carry with proper technique, the chance of injury is significantly reduced. I still enjoy listening to patient’s stories and working with them to solve their problem to reach their goals. I feel as though I have learned several tips and tricks over my career that I can use to build an effective treatment program for anyone.

Personal Interests:

I think I am addicted to work. My life is still as busy as ever! Running three businesses takes most of my time. The drive to be better never subsides / dissipates. I still enjoy the benefits and challenges of teaching continuing education to other PTs around the country. I cherish my free time and enjoy spending time with family, traveling and meeting up with friends. My two kids are in their 20’s and have career-oriented jobs while my wife only has a few years left until she retires. Any other free time I like working on projects in my garage, golfing, cycling and bowling. I still have a lot on my bucket list but I need more time!